Wild swimming near Mevagissey……

During our stay in Cornwall over the summer, we had the pleasure of meeting up with old friends from Brussels who by co-incidence were holidaying in our home county.  It’s so cool to just touch base by FB on a regular basis and then hit the jackpot when you realise you’re in the same location … Continue reading

Wild swimming

Wild swimming is a great way to just get outdoors and enjoy the bracing fresh air and cool waters of our coast, rivers, lakes, inlets and pools.  I didn’t realise until recently that my morning cravings in Concarneau (to swim to the buoys on the beach in front of our holiday home) was actually a … Continue reading

Back to my roots…….. life in Cornwall

After 6 weeks in Brittany in my ‘twin home town’ of Concarneau (which is covered in The Beach House blog by the way!), I’ve finally arrived back in Penzance, Cornwall.  Aside from the Cornish weather (boy you think it’s wet in Brussels – well no-one does sea mist any thicker or wetter than the Cornish!), … Continue reading

Day 234 – it’s just me and the cat, and 3 wet chickens but….

Tonight after a late return from Dusseldorf, I settled down to laptop life at the kitchen table, and undisturbed caught up on a lot of bits and pieces, and had a great Skype chat with my family back in Cornwall. They were unfortunately counting the number and size of the glasses of white wine that … Continue reading

Day 207 – Mum and Dad arrive, along with the…..

SUNSHINE!! Not sure if they really brought it from Cornwall, due to the fact that the iPhone has consistently shown Penzance to be 3 degree’s cooler than us. (Yes I spend a lot of time checking out that no-one, apart from Sharon and Max in Majorca, and Richard and Sabine in NYC, have better weather … Continue reading

Day 165 – Cornish cream teas and Pasties…. time to go home and diet!

All good things have to come to an end.  Particularly when they involve unhealthy pastimes and weight gain, which is definitely a side effect of visiting Cornwall! Yesterday’s climax was the Mega Scone with clotted cream and jam (at the bakery in the Eden Project), one portion of which, felled the whole family! Today during … Continue reading

Day 164 – The Eden Project, Cornwall

  Today, finally the weather was good enough to head for the Eden Project.  It’s a project I’ve wanted to visit for a number of years, but always been put off by the tales of long queues, bad weather, or once just arriving too late to enter!  Mum, Dad, Rosie and Morgan joined the kids … Continue reading

Day 163 – Let’s try another day out without losing anyone!

It rained ALL night.  Heavy, thumping rain, which was extremely noisy as we are sleeping under the roof.  It was still raining on Sunday morning, and Mum and Dad’s patio resembled a swimming pool.  We decided it was not a good day to go to the Eden Project, as a lot of the area is … Continue reading

Day 162 – Honey, I lost my Mum!

The early morning excitement today focused around not feeding chickens, but peacocks! Nana and Grandad have a friendly wild peacock who passes by their back door every morning for his breakfast, and even calls out for it if no-one is there! How on earth can I beat this in Brussels? The chickens look truly lame … Continue reading