Day 361 – a chill out night in Brussels….

Tuesday 27th December 2011. Ok it’s not much fun going back to work so soon after the Christmas break, but there are a few advantages; there is no traffic, the NL->Bxl trip took just over an hour, and the journey home after work took an astounding 20 minutes (cf nearly an hour normally!) no one … Continue reading

Day 323 – Playing earth mama (and big Sister)!

Saturday 19th November 2011. It’s lovely to have the opportunity sometimes to hang out with my daughter at home.  The moments are rare in our busy lifestyle, but today is a free day, with big brother on a ‘must have for school’ shopping trip with Hubbie, followed by a birthday party, so I can step … Continue reading

Day 225 – Fun and Games

Saturday started wet, and just got wetter, until by the evening it was pouring down and didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. Luckily we had been spared this the day before, so it was time to just knuckle down, chill and play games with my parents and the kids.  Rummikub was … Continue reading

Day 205 – Gone again!

Today was wet! Very wet…. grey and basically reflecting all our moods. We managed a trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant, a quick drink in the bar there with Carol and Roger, and a free Ricard (ugh!) but lots of giveaways as they were doing a promo in the Bar. The rest of … Continue reading

Day 186 – Chilling with the chickens (and the cat!)

This has become our arrival home after ‘work/school/stage’ routine…… hanging out in the garden with the chickens (and our cat), made even better by the fact that the hens seem to lay all day, so we’re always surprised by a new egg somewhere in the coop!  

Day 72 – The End of a Weekend in Brussels

I posted yesterday on my Facebook page that I loved Brussels, and I meant it.  A lot of my friends often see the sarcastic side of me, but this time, and generally speaking, I do love the city I live in. We had one of those weekends, which revolved around our local neighbourhood, and our … Continue reading

Diet Day 8 – A light supper – Smoked Salmon and Crumbled Goats Cheese Salad

Today started with that guilty feeling as I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the shower.  After a bit of self abuse (dry brushing followed by a cold shower), I was beginning to feel a little bit back in touch with the world again.  This mornings’ theme was pottering, which I have perfected … Continue reading

Our Life 2010 (the summer months)…..

Welcome to the second part of our photo blog of our highs (and a few lows) in 2010!. The majority of July was spent in France, enjoying our time with friends.  No summer would be complete without some sort of trip there involving Doug and the girls.  This time he arrived before I did, and … Continue reading

Our Life 2010 (the first 6 months) ………

Welcome to our photo blog of our highs (and a few lows) in 2010!. January 2010 started slowly and painfully on our return from a great Christmas and New year break in Brittany with the Howard’s , the Kay’s and the Hawkin’s. It had been quite a party…… January and February were much slower in … Continue reading

Absence makes the heart grow stronger (and tv is just bad for your eyes)

It felt weird but wonderful.  No kids, no cat, no hubbie……….. just peace and quiet.  Everything was in it’s place (whether right or wrong, it was exactly as I had left it this morning). Ok the dutch flags and the remnants of an orange defeat still hung over the house, but I did not have … Continue reading