Day 323 – Playing earth mama (and big Sister)!

Saturday 19th November 2011. It’s lovely to have the opportunity sometimes to hang out with my daughter at home.  The moments are rare in our busy lifestyle, but today is a free day, with big brother on a ‘must have for school’ shopping trip with Hubbie, followed by a birthday party, so I can step … Continue reading

Day 160 – As soon as the sun goes down……

the chickens go to bed! Wish the same could be said for the kids, they’re still trying to hang out infront of the Tv. image by Vintage Chicken Pincushion by rosekepler on Etsy.

Day 90 – The Family returned….

What a relief, I’m through 25% of the year, and therefore have only 75% to go.  No this is not some mad wish to get to New Years Eve 2011, but the fact that I’ve managed to write a daily blog for 90 days.  It’s still hard on some days, but the feedback keeps you … Continue reading

Day 79 – Projectile Vomiting during the Sunday Roast

This afternoon did not go exactly to plan.  As you know, I was managing a rather heavy hangover after a very late night on Saturday.  I slaved over a hot stove, for 2 and a 1/2 hours, with a number of fresh air breaks on the terrace, and numerous cans of tonic water.  I was … Continue reading

Day 41 – Some sort of Breakthrough…… what to do next (life beyond a diet!)

41 days of blog writing.  recipes, diet tips, a bit of wisdom and some abstract thoughts.  I guess it all adds up, and I’m glad to see, that almost like a diary, it gives me a chance to reflect on how I am feeling, what I should do, and how I should go about it.  … Continue reading