Day 235 – Stormy Weather…..night or day?

  I’m not sure what is happening with our weather at the moment but it was a bit scary on Tuesday to watch the sky darken, the heavens open, and the torrential rain and hailstones fall from the sky.  The chickens were looking very sorry for themselves, they were soaked for hours, and their chicken … Continue reading

Day 217 – TGI Friday……..

It really felt like a long haul this week, so I am truly glad to reach Friday, and the start of the weekend. Our son is camping with a friend this weekend, so I can sneak into his bed and get a decent night’s sleep.  Our cleaner is due so the house may be a … Continue reading

Day 186 – Chilling with the chickens (and the cat!)

This has become our arrival home after ‘work/school/stage’ routine…… hanging out in the garden with the chickens (and our cat), made even better by the fact that the hens seem to lay all day, so we’re always surprised by a new egg somewhere in the coop!  

Day 181 – the Mega Egg

We’ve started experimenting with new egg recipes, as our supply increases at a steady rate.   Yesterday we made spaghetti carbonara with home grown eggs, and today macaroni cauliflower with the kids dutch cultivated cheese (from a school trip recently).  It really could become the ‘Good Life’ here if we’re not careful! This morning produced … Continue reading

Day 173 – Honey, we lost the Cat…….

Continuing our family theme of losing things, today was the cat’s turn!  We’d gone to bed last night, thinking that Joseph was tucked up with Sabine who was staying over with us.  Only to find this morning, after she’d left, we had no cat in the house!  Huge panic.  This cat is a real home … Continue reading

Day 170 – the British Breakfast at last!

  Sunday started with the arrival of the 6th egg!  Bingo, now we can fry up an English Breakfast. There is definitely something super special about eating eggs fresh from your own chickens, the yolks almost glow orange, and the whites are super firm and yummy!  I would definitely recommend getting your own, as nothing … Continue reading

Day 167 – Day 4/Egg 4

We now have 4 eggs after 4 days of laying! Almost a box full. We’re doing the official tasting on saturday morning, when hopefully we have our first half dozen for a fry up with bacon. My daughter has a theory on who is actually laying the eggs, as it’s always one by one. Basically … Continue reading

Day 160 – As soon as the sun goes down……

the chickens go to bed! Wish the same could be said for the kids, they’re still trying to hang out infront of the Tv. image by Vintage Chicken Pincushion by rosekepler on Etsy.

Day 156 – Chicken run, part 2

This long weekend we reinforced the Chicken Coop ready for Chicken Run part 2.  First off was the deep digging of chicken wire under the soil, this is to stop the not so Fantastic Mr Fox from digging down.  This was followed by some heavy rock being dug into the surrounding edges (further deterrent), and … Continue reading

Day 143 – Exaxtly how many versions of the Purl Stitch exist?

I popped into Turtlewings on Thursday lunchtime last week for a few quick knitting tips, knowing that a couple of my knitting pals would be there. You see, I am not back up to the confidence levels of my youth, and cannot always remember the purl stitch, (which to the uni’knit’iated is the reverse side … Continue reading