City Chicks, en Vacances!

In the final stages of holiday packing and planning, it was the turn of the chickens yesterday to leave on their luxury summer vacation to the seaside! The coop was packed up, the chickens huddled into a box, and off we headed to Lieve’s house in Assenede on the north coast of Belgium, where her … Continue reading

Day 268 – safe on the street, Sunday….

Our street closed today for it’s autumn party.  Kids can cycle and skate all day (and jump on the bouncy castle for hours -> I don’t know where they get their energy from!).  Adults can chill and chat, enjoy shared wine and food, and generally gossip with their neighbours.  And we can all shout at … Continue reading

Day 156 – Chicken run, part 2

This long weekend we reinforced the Chicken Coop ready for Chicken Run part 2.  First off was the deep digging of chicken wire under the soil, this is to stop the not so Fantastic Mr Fox from digging down.  This was followed by some heavy rock being dug into the surrounding edges (further deterrent), and … Continue reading

Day 142 – The ‘not so’ Fantastic Mr Fox…… and how to fortify the Chicken Coop

Can you believe it?  On a quick check of the Chicken Coop this morning, before heading out for the swim meet, we discovered one mauled chicken, a hole under the gate, and no sign of the other two.  Disappeared without trace.  This is the city centre, enclosed and not that green, but we obviously have … Continue reading

Day 141 – chicken run

I felt a little disappointed on my drive home from a two day workshop on personal development and team building, that no one was at the door to greet me. So nobody missed me? As it was a hot day, and I headed straight for the back garden, after putting the BBQ ingredients in the … Continue reading