Day 226 – Sunny Sundays.

We had our ritual trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant today, as my Mum has been converted to the delights of French cheese, and crusty bread. Unfortunately the bread doesn’t travel well, but the Comte and the Morbier does, so we’ve filled the basket with cheeses and saucisson bound for the journey home … Continue reading

Day 191 – Sunday markets and doing things I don’t normally have to…..

Of course the highlight of arriving in France after the arduous journey on a Saturday, is the thrill of the market on a Sunday.  I almost wish it was Sunday every other day when you’re here, actually not a bad idea when you’re in Belgium too! As it’s holiday time, it’s busy, and you queue … Continue reading

Day 162 – Honey, I lost my Mum!

The early morning excitement today focused around not feeding chickens, but peacocks! Nana and Grandad have a friendly wild peacock who passes by their back door every morning for his breakfast, and even calls out for it if no-one is there! How on earth can I beat this in Brussels? The chickens look truly lame … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 38 – Creamy Broccoli Soup!

Tonight is a quick turnaround night.  After such an early start for my daughters swim team this morning, we’re all exhausted, and in need of fast nourishment. Jules’ broccoli and cheese soup hit the mark, with some crusty bread it was delicious.  The kids finished off with some of Hubbie’s speculoos crumble left over from … Continue reading