Day 204 – The Hawkins arrive….

with supplies from England (how I love my delivery of Crunchies/Curly Wurlys/Flakes, etc) Yippee!! It’s great to have more of the ‘English Gang’ here. as we have now been nicknamed by Aurelie and Jacques at Les Boucaniers!  We hit a new high today by lunching there en masse (6 adults and 3 kids) and starting … Continue reading

Diet day 7 – the Brazilian BBQ

Tonight we were invited to Carlas and Bart’s Brazilian BBQ,  a temptation normally way beyond that of mere mortals.  We sat in the car on the way there, confident of our ability to avoid alcohol/cigarettes and the wrong foods, feeling relatively smug in our detox haze.  We didn’t even need to have that ‘are you … Continue reading