Day 216 – soooo tired…….

The saga of sleeping on the camp beds in our son’s room continues.  This is night 5, and the exhausted sleepy glow of back to work has worn off and I’m waking each morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed.  Tonight was topped off by the fact that no matter what, I … Continue reading

Day 198 – A great day for the windsurfers……..

but not for the sunbathers!  We filled the windy and wet morning by going to two markets, and had a market ‘Roast Chicken and Potato’ lunch.  Hubbie is on house clearing exercise no 2, and is tackling the basement.  Of course all he finds to chuck out is immediately leapt on by our Daughter as … Continue reading

Day 190 – the long drive to Paradise……

I survived!  My first trip to Concarneau without Hubbie.  9 hours on the road with the two monkeys, one toilet stop, one refuel, lots of emmets (cornish for holidaymakers in caravans and overloaded cars!) and huge queues at the toll booths in France.  We  became experts at keeping left (in the T lane for prepaid) … Continue reading

Day 186 – Chilling with the chickens (and the cat!)

This has become our arrival home after ‘work/school/stage’ routine…… hanging out in the garden with the chickens (and our cat), made even better by the fact that the hens seem to lay all day, so we’re always surprised by a new egg somewhere in the coop!  

Day 173 – Honey, we lost the Cat…….

Continuing our family theme of losing things, today was the cat’s turn!  We’d gone to bed last night, thinking that Joseph was tucked up with Sabine who was staying over with us.  Only to find this morning, after she’d left, we had no cat in the house!  Huge panic.  This cat is a real home … Continue reading