Day 364 – travelling to Geneva

Friday 30th December 2011. Hubbie gets his own back when the alarm shrieks at 7am in the morning, as I am still not ready to get up and pack (what a surprise – I’m not good in the mornings either!). And I trudge through the house with my list of ski essentials (and life essentials), … Continue reading

Day 161 – I feel like I’m drowning slowly in the tunnel….

My daughter’s allergic to reading, except for Beano’s and the contents of sweetie packets. She is currently sat in the back of the car, as we go under the channel tunnel, trying to avoid at all costs opening anything that resembles a book.  She reads the adverts, the contents of her drink bottle, and finally … Continue reading

Day 127 – A Mummy Moan….

As it is officially MY day tomorrow, and the weekend is so far not going my way, I think I am justifiably allowed to have my moan today. I am well on my way to having clocked up 24 bloody hours in the car this week. Today alone, taxi mama has clocked 2 hours just … Continue reading

Day 123 – Car Journeys, the Road to Hell?

I really do have a love/hate relationship with cars.  As much as I sometimes cherish the time alone in one, to listen to podcasts/the radio/or generally sing my head off to my favourite playlists, I actually loath having to drive them (or be that wide-awake passenger so familiar on those holiday trips to Brittany).  I … Continue reading

Diet Day 17 – Life is a Journey, but sometimes the journey is boring…

Today is the first day I’ve sat in front of my computer and didn’t know what to say.  It’s one of those days where nothing really happened, if you exclude the very early start for my daughters’ swim team and a drive to Dusseldorf.  The latter was so boring, I was nodding off during the … Continue reading