Day 335 – It’s off to work we go…….

Thursday 1st December 2011. But we’re not sure where or what we’ll be doing.  You see we were having a surprise trip today.  Well, sort of a surprise……   In advance, we knew that it consisted of meeting up in Head Office in Germany and then travelling on to somewhere within approximately two hours.  I … Continue reading

Day 341 -Istanbul, the morning after…….

Wednesday 7th December 2011. Well last night was certainly a challenge! I was dropped back to the hotel around 8.30pm to discover my room was actually a Sauna. Heading towards (I refuse to accept I am in it!) that middle flush of life, this is a disaster for my internal heating system. I tried turning … Continue reading

Day 278 – 1841 Heritage Denim in Antwerp

C&A are currently running a Pop Up Store in the Antwerp, our heritage line of denim brought to life in a unique environment. Proud to be part of it all from the VM design side, and currently enjoying working on our next project linked to our Fashion Show Summer 2012, coming to life in just … Continue reading

Day 230 – In the footsteps of the Parents…..

I am posting this recollection to remind me in the long dark winter, when my kids are in one of their long dark bored and ‘I’m not doing that’ moods, that at times they can be helpful, useful and very co-operative.  The trouble with kids is you cannot predict where, when and how!! Today, I … Continue reading

Day 146 – The Bike Bug at work

The last couple of weeks have been quite inspiring at work.  We have had our company seminar, putting our company focus back on the ‘Caring’ side of the business and adding an ‘Amazing’ element.  Our VM team has started a personal and team development programme that looks very promising in it’s vision going forward.  And … Continue reading

Day 139 – Life in the fashion show, front row in Brussels…….

Yesterday C&A front row for our internal Caring & Amazing seminar including Fashion Show, today “Mais il est ou le soleil?’ Fashion Show at Autoworld Brussels. Yesterday our daughter does her first catwalk, today our student trainee Sophie sees her first Fashion Show live. Both fab, both fun, in different ways.  Huge internal motivation worked … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 32 – sad, gone but not forgotten

This is how I feel today, sad I’ve gone from the Marketing department, and hoping you don’t forget me!  After all, they still remember C&A in the UK.  After 10 years, M&S is going back to Paris and I’m going back to European Visual Merchandising, so you never know!  I feel really sad to move … Continue reading

Diet Day 20 – Inspired by t-shirts

  Today is a T-shirt day, in recognition of my family’s love of t-shirts.  We live in them, laugh in them, and probably will die in them (hopefully at a very very very old age and with some suitable slogan on it). You see, we’re rather a hot (in the warm sense of course) type … Continue reading

Download the latest trends @ C&A

This is a tribute to a good friend and colleague of mine Yasmina – who has achieved the undeniable act of producing the most unexpected quote of this century “I finally enjoyed a morning shopping with you mum, they’re my type of clothes!”…… From the mouth of a ‘yo boy – I’m so cool at … Continue reading