Day 334 – Nice Stuff.. on a normal day

Wednesday 30th November 2011 Nice stuff has happened today (it’s great focusing on the small acts of kindness rather than worrying about the bigger picture some times!).  Must be as a result of all our positive thinking and being nice to each other and others too!! First off, Jojo has been looking so cuddly today, … Continue reading

Day 332 – Monday Morning Mantra in practice…..

Monday 28th November 2011. Today started with a trip to the Hospital.  Not unexpectedly, luckily, but to check up on where my aches and pains seem to be coming from.  The appointment was via my Doctor, and at a hospital I had never visited before, St Luc in Woluwe St Pierre.  It was one of … Continue reading

Day 282 – Guest blogging

5.30pm Sunday.  I’m allowed to cheat today and not post here, as I have just written a guest blog for Julie Anne at Turtlewings.  So exciting to blog on another site, and to wait patiently for the ok to publish.  So as soon as it happens, I’ll link you in here, just to prove it … Continue reading

Day 180 – Happy 1st Birthday to me!

Yes today’s the day!  One year ago I started with my first post.  Since then, I’ve become addicted to stats, while logging over 7500 views, and hitting 160 views on my busiest day this month.  I’ve covered Thoughts, Musings, and Dreams. Success and Failure.  Frustrations and Celebrations.  Passions such as Photography, Cooking and France.  Dieting … Continue reading

Day 80 – Around my blog in 80 days

  I can’t believe I’ve managed 80 days of talking to or about myself, and the things that interest me.  In the beginning, it was a great way of charting the new year’s resolutions, the pain and the glory, and keeping track of my diet recipes.  I was quite surprised how many I managed to … Continue reading

My New Life as a Daily Blogger on a Detox

From January 1st 2011, I have committed myself to a number of things. First off, January is a CLEAN month.  My Detox Deluxe is taking me through a month of wonderfully healthy food, which I shall blog about, and will break a number of bad habits.  I am focusing on being more positive, relaxing, spending … Continue reading