Day 288 – Autumn by candlelight

One of the joys of Autumn is as the nights draw in, you can close the curtains, turn down the lights, and light up some wonderfully scented candles.  Relaxation is the name of the game, and scents that calm and chill you out, while evoking memories of places, adventures or just moments in time, are … Continue reading

Day 270 – Autumn food in high summer weather….. world gone wild!

We’re in the mood for Autumn, but at the moment the weather has gone back in time to high summer!  It feels really weird to be shopping in our local market looking at gorgeous pumpkins and autumn veg, while the sun is cracking the pavements.  During my last trip at the weekend, I spotted some … Continue reading

Day 266 – autumn equinox

Today we passed into the Autumnal Equinox at 09.04am this morning.  It is the point where technically the sun passes from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere for the longer part of the day, ie our days start to become shorter (and in the south they start to become longer).  Autumn has truly arrived.  … Continue reading