Day 280 – I need to knit……

I’ve just realised that the scarf has been hidden in the depths of the ‘to do’ pile for a couple of weeks, and as we are now finally and officially in Autumn (it’s cold and wet again!), I really ought to get my skates on.  So after dinner tonight, I will dutifully turn off the … Continue reading

Day 143 – Exaxtly how many versions of the Purl Stitch exist?

I popped into Turtlewings on Thursday lunchtime last week for a few quick knitting tips, knowing that a couple of my knitting pals would be there. You see, I am not back up to the confidence levels of my youth, and cannot always remember the purl stitch, (which to the uni’knit’iated is the reverse side … Continue reading

Day 91 – TGI Friday

Fridays are so cool.  I love the drive home after work anticipating what where and how our weekend will go.  It usually involves me making my mental list of what still needs to be done, who is doing what, and will we all survive until the normality of Sunday night. Tonight my kids great friend … Continue reading

Day 41 – Some sort of Breakthrough…… what to do next (life beyond a diet!)

41 days of blog writing.  recipes, diet tips, a bit of wisdom and some abstract thoughts.  I guess it all adds up, and I’m glad to see, that almost like a diary, it gives me a chance to reflect on how I am feeling, what I should do, and how I should go about it.  … Continue reading