Day 342 – Abercrombie arrives in Brussels

Thursday 8th December 2011. I was very concerned about the health of the Abercrombie boys this week.  They’ve been practising posing near Ave Louise and raising the blood pressure of many a middle-aged woman who has been driving past the almost open store (including me!). Today was the big day, so Hubbie and Maxime (who … Continue reading

Diet Day 20 – Inspired by t-shirts

  Today is a T-shirt day, in recognition of my family’s love of t-shirts.  We live in them, laugh in them, and probably will die in them (hopefully at a very very very old age and with some suitable slogan on it). You see, we’re rather a hot (in the warm sense of course) type … Continue reading

Local vs. Global

I have spent the last year generally bemoaning the gradual spread of global retailing.  I hate the idea of eating ‘Pain Quotidien’ in New York or London. I love ‘Paul’ in Paris, but loath it in Brussels. I want to buy ‘River Island and All Saints’ in London, ‘Anthropology, A&F and Whole Foods’ in New … Continue reading