Day 328 – Tweener stores stateside, part 2

Thursday 24th November. Aeropostale was the second store we reviewed with Thila (our tweener!) while we were in NYC. Their girls range (Aeropostale p.s.) covers 4-14, but in reality it is more kids colourful stuff than pre-teen cool gear.  She was much happier shopping the main range, which is in fact targeted at 14 to … Continue reading

Day 322 – StyleShoots in Brussels….

Friday 18th November 2011. Today, Visual Instinct and Dekopolis launched their StyleShoots studio in the Trade Mart Brussels.  The super easy technology makes taking a photo for catalogues, websites, and instore communication as simple as 1 2 3.  No more messing around in Photoshop to eliminate the background (highly time-consuming) and no more worrying about … Continue reading

Day 321 – Tweener stores stateside, part 1

Thursday 17th November 2011. Reflecting back on our shopaholic tendencies in the States, we cannot forget (and should seriously think about) what motivated the kids and what left them cold.  As shopaholic parents (in remission!), watching them grow towards teenagers, it’s interesting to occasionally step back and watch what makes them tick, and what turns … Continue reading

Day 319 – Inspiration from Anthropologie

Tuesday 15th November 2011. I ♥ Anthropologie VM for their wonderful, easy to adapt displays…….. so inspirational -> I’m dreaming of Christmas already! (and I’m loving the homespun knitted theme this year -> must get that scarf finished for Christmas!) …. Related articles Check Out Anthropologie’s New November Catalog – Plus Styling Tips ( Anthropologie … Continue reading

Day 315 – Freedom ……

11.11.11 free day in Brussels, sun shining, what do the kids wanna do?  waveboard at the skate park! This is what freedom means to me, my family and my friends ……. …. Thank You ♥

Day 314 – Shop til you drop……

Thursday 10th November. (memories of NYC)   Sometimes the shopping and the sightseeing was just too much…… The highlights of the those who just need to sit down somewhere when the going gets tough! …..    

Day 304 – Is Dunkin’ Donuts a real shop?

quote from our Belgian kids ‘it’s in The Sims on Facebook, we didn’t realise it was real!’         shame they discovered it was!         Scary -> 490 calories per donut!!   @Donuts | Dunkin’ Donuts. interesting shopping fact today……. Jack Wills is the same price in Dollars as in Pounds … Continue reading

Day 303 – Sunny Snowy Sunday …..

with no power, but heh, who cares when you’re in a winter wonderland, in Connecticut…..       the kids relax…… Hubbie chops wood, otherwise no fire! while I wander around enjoying the landscape….       and have time to chill and play with the camera up close…. Then it was time to get … Continue reading

Day 302 – Snowtober Saturday

Are we the only people who book car hire while in the States, with an online company in Manchester, to take a car from Alamo from round the block??  World gone crazy, but a much cheaper option, and more exciting when we discovered we’d been upgraded to a Jeep….. As it turns out, thank god … Continue reading

Day 301 – walking the High Line

Waking up to a beautiful morning……. means it’s time for a walk on the High Line……..  camera heaven!                                     more information @ The High Line.