Lunches last week

Last week’s spell at home with dizziness and sickness (diagnosed as an inner ear infection causing vertigo), forced me to look at how far I had strayed from a healthy diet.  It also highlighted how little follow up and help I had been receiving from my current Doctor, who finally bothered to tell me that … Continue reading

Birthday lunch….

My very healthy Birthday lunch!  Combined with a glass of water, Ginger tea, and a lot of vitamins and supplements to get over the dizziness and sickness of this week. Oops, I forgot to add a candle!! and for those keen to replicate my healthy ways……. …… ……. Lizzi’s Birthday Salad raw spinach chopped 1 … Continue reading

Books and Bed …..Bliss!

For once luck was on my side.  We arrived in France to find the house in perfect shape, clean enough (thanks to Hubbie’s flying visit in December) and warm.  But best of all (though it took a little adjusting to in the planning of the week) – no internet, no tv, no telephone.  (cheers Orange!).  … Continue reading

Day 363 – the day before…..

Thursday 29th December 2011. Today I cleaned up the desk at work, emptied my in-box, and then headed home to do my packing. However I am easily distracted, and between finishing the post for Turtlewings, catching up with a quick G&T and a chat with Jules, and preparing dinner from leftovers, the evening suddenly disappeared. … Continue reading

Day 327 – let’s eat cake!

Wednesday 23rd November 2011. Yesterday in the office……. so nice that Bernadette cooks Italian, as well as learns to speak it on Monday nights! …. ….. Torta di ricotta e cioccolato …. Ingredients 4 eggs 500g ricotta 100 g chocolate pearls 4 tablespoons of flour 150g sugar Zest of 1 lime Directions Beat  the egg … Continue reading

Day 325 – Super simple packed lunches

Monday 21st November 2011. Only one thing to do when you’ve got to be at the pool to drop the kids at 6.30am on a Monday -> join them! Today I sneaked in around 6.45 (15mins before opening) to do a few lengths, finished around 7.30 and headed for the office.  It certainly wakes you … Continue reading

Day 324 – sunday morning market

Sunday 20th November 2011. It’s Sunday morning, and a special treat, I get to go to the Market with Eliot, his Dad Pieter, and my camera ….. with a perfect finish, a meet up with Helen for a glass of champagne and some smoked salmon, while Pieter cycled my shopping home!  That’s what Sunday’s are … Continue reading

Day 317 – Helen’s honey, mustard and crème fraîche chicken!

Sunday 13th November 2011 My good friend Helen, on hearing of our weekend plight (namely France cancelled and super cleaning spree organised instead!), took pity on my smelly cold and grumpy mood, and invited us for Sunday lunch and afternoon boardgames!.  As promised, she cooked up a treat, superbly presented and delicious, and on checking … Continue reading

Day 313 – Fish Tray Bake

Wednesday 9th November 2011. Last night an old friend passed by, and stayed the night.  It was lovely to see Freddie after quite a few years, catch up and reminise on the good old times in Brussels, and compare how it was all turning out.  I cooked a great Jamie Oliver dish, shoved it all … Continue reading

Day 310 – ABC kitchen

Sunday 6th November 2011 Last night (our last night) was unbelievable, definitely Sabine and Richard had saved the best til last!  We hit off-off Broadway, for a show (VocaPeople -> singing white aliens!) and then headed down to ABC Kitchen.  What can I say?  First off, I adore ABC Home.  If I lived in NYC … Continue reading