My History

I’m just a mum, wife and worker who’s trying to make sense of life today.  I live in Brussels, but come from Cornwall, have a diy-holic husband, children with hearing problems, and a job where I wonder why I bother.  Sounds familiar? read on

5 Responses to “My History”
  1. update 3 months later…..still working on trying to make sense of it all, but realised that I’m not the only one. Focusing on my dreams, and ditching the dull stuff. And continuing to move forward, at the end of the day – everything else will fall into place. Oh, and I really quite like my new job!

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Lizzi, seycen (aka Elaine) here, Thanks for the mention! It’s nice to discover another anglophone in a francophone country. I could write a whole blog on living in France (if I had the time). I know what you mean about the ups and downs, sometimes it just flows and sometimes it’s a real struggle. But less than 300 days to go now:-) Bonne continuation !

    • Thanks! I find it keeps life (at the very least) interesting….. and I can’t imagine ever going back, how ever much I moan in between! Hope to see you back again sometime soon!

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