Happy 10th Anniversary darling, photo’s that remind me of a wonderful day!

After the big IT update in the house, I have decided to do yet another ‘sort and save’ exercise on my digital photo’s.  Of course the computers are I have to admit still not without problems, namely wobbly wifi that is tempermental to say the least, which strikes when I am home alone with a deadline, or the kids have urgent online homework to complete.  And therefore the task is made even more boring and tedious by a copy/paste exercise from my laptop to the Mac, along with the realisation that I am very easily distracted.  Very easily indeed!

Tonight’s session has been broken by sorting my google reader feed (also incredibly messy, pretty much unread and not categorised), a catch up on FB and a lot of sneezing which has left my keyboard rather sticky to the touch.

Oh and the fact that I spotted some fabulous photo’s of our mega lunch at Peter Goossens’ Hof van Cleve for our 10th anniversary, and DIDN”T DO A POST!!

OMG – I know I was lazy for a while last year (of course I blame the swimming, the swimming, the taxiing, the work and the house) but the year before I was juggling as many balls in the air and posting every single day.  What happened?

So to right a wrong, and commit the memories to hyperspace, here are the snaps, and some of my sentimental musings.

And here’s to the next 10 my dear!


the food was out of this world, we did the full blown ‘freshness of nature’ menu – here are some of the snapshots…….







the happy couple, 10 years on……..



and the beautiful location, stunning……….



blow your budget and enjoy an unbelievable experience at least once in your life, you eat like a King and are treated like a Royalty!

photo’s from 22.11.12


Restaurant Hof van Cleve – Peter Goossens – Riemegemstraat 1 – 9770 Kruishoutem.


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