REcircle, our creative re-use centre, (based on a decade of dreaming and the long term vision of my good friend Julie-Anne Verbeelen) is about to go live.  We’re finally down to the last 6 days of a 21 month countdown, which started with a dinner including 30 inspiring guests, to help and lay down the foundations, and ended in a beautiful space in Schaerbeek Brussels, at the new Creative Lab on Huart Hamoir.

It’s been an interesting ride.  From the enthusiasm of the early days, when a small group of creative amateurs sat around a table at Julie-Anne’s house, to a trip to Remida in Italy to see the Italian masters at work (which I unfortunately missed due to work commitments but lived it all through the emails from my Hubbie).  Through to the excitement of finding a space, and the fun in setting it up ready rock to roll.

There were heartaches along the way, people who lost faith and left the project, and sometimes the feeling that may’be we were never going to really and truly get it off the ground.  But heh, here we are.  Ready to go.  So to friends and family out there, do come and support us on Saturday (10th Nov), and to those who don’t know about us yet, spend a few minutes reading about how REcircle wants to introduce Brussels to the wonderful creative opportunities that recycling beautiful industrial waste products can bring to your local neighbourhood, and the environment as a whole.



So what is REcircle?  ->

REcircle is a non-profit organization which collects, sorts, educates with and distributes clean, beautiful, safe industrial scrap for creative use.

The mission of REcircle is to stimulate societal awareness of the value of creative reuse of waste-material, and thereby to contribute to a greater ecological awareness in society.We are on the crossroad of art, culture, corporate life and industry.

REcircle stimulates the concept of reuse above recycling in order to close the usage circle, in other words REcircle. We see waste-material not as garbage but treat it as an opportunity for creation and communication.

REcircle activities are focused on communities where the realization of the REcircle mission can make a particular impact on the economic, social, educational, cultural and ecological wellbeing of the community.



For those who prefer pictures rather than words, this sums us up!



and you can find out more about us by clicking here, to visit our website


or below for our Facebook and Twitter links;

REcircle on Facebook

REcircle on Twitter


We’d also love to see any creative artists, hands on parents, forward thinking teachers, or just good old dreamers……. at our Grand Opening on Saturday 10th November.

All the information including timings, what’s on, and how you can get involved, is on the following link; REcircle newsletter


And if you work for a company where you have industrial waste you think we would love to work with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We’re more than happy to pass by and take it off your hands!   just contact us via our REcircle donation form


Hope to see you Saturday!!

Lizzi and the REcircle team






Blasts from our Past……

Day 41 – Some sort of Breakthrough…… what to do next (life beyond a diet!) « Life with Lizzi. – my first thoughts after our inaugural meeting

Day 113.5 – it rained ;( « Life with Lizzi. – working on our marketing plan for REcircle at the Beach House

Day 154 – TedxKids@Brussels, part 3 « Life with Lizzi. – the motivation to keep us going @TedXKids in Brussels

Day 171 – Creating stuff with plastic strips and bits of paper….. « Life with Lizzi. – getting creative and fundraising at the same time

Day 172 – more things to do with those plastic packing strips…… « Life with Lizzi. – more creative stuff….

Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens! « Life with Lizzi. – recycling got me into a new hobby – my chickens!

Day 256 – Park(ing) Day « Life with Lizzi. and Day 259 – Streetlife …. « Life with Lizzi. – the first initiative we got involved in

Day 277 – board room meetings (no longer boring), this is the way forward! « Life with Lizzi. – we always believed in having interesting locations for our boardroom meetings!

and my absolute favourite, to be repeated again in our new space on 15th December 2012!! Christmas fun @ REcircle  Day 344 – REcircle pops up! « Life with Lizzi.


Links and Inspiration

Remida | Reggio Children.

REmida WA.



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