Wild swimming near Mevagissey……

During our stay in Cornwall over the summer, we had the pleasure of meeting up with old friends from Brussels who by co-incidence were holidaying in our home county.  It’s so cool to just touch base by FB on a regular basis and then hit the jackpot when you realise you’re in the same location at exactly the same time.  In our case we headed up to Mevagissey from Penzance, to meet up with our Yorkshire pals Richard and Julia, and to rendezvous with our kids first creche friends – Alfie and Mae.

We had a fabulous day, sitting in the sun at a local pub, shopping at the local fishing shop, and hanging out at the beach at Gorran Haven.   With the fabulous finale of a cool wild swim at Little Perhaver beach  nearby.  Perfect Day!

For my wild swim here, I headed off following the coast to the left, the tides was gently coming in and I wasn’t aware of any currents.  Quickly the beach is left behind and you’re floating in paradise close to the cliffs, watching the seagulls.

At low tide walk around the bay to the left from Gorran Haven to find Little Perhaver Beach, at high tides, head down the cliff steps……..

Gorran Haven beach and Great Perhaver Beach in East Cornwall.

Little Perhaver Beach Information, St Austell, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

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