Janine’s baked salmon…. with a goats cheese and sundried tomato crust

I’m thinking a lot about my Brit’any pal Janine this week, as she prepares her son George for local boarding school.  It’s only up the road and not a posh ‘public’ school, just a great one that is way way way oversubscribed.  And in the mad lottery postcode set up of the UK, if you don’t live within 5 yards of the school and can swing a cat into the playground, you don’t stand a chance.  Luckily for George (whose heart was set on going to Gordon’s), weekly boarding became an option this year, and he made the grade!  Well done!  The only problem George is you are seriously going to miss your Mum’s cooking (and have to wear those very scratchy tartan trousers!).

Janine is a great ‘throw it together’ cook, and dishes up great grub whether under challenge in France (where it’s mainly BBQ fodder to fill up my extended family and friends!) or dealing with the dodgy oven in her Surrey kitchen.  We were lucky enough to be there at the end of our summer holidays this year, and watch her conjure this dish up, quirky oven and all!  I have to say though, I think she was expecting half the street to arrive judging by how much fish we shared between the 4 of us!



Janine’s ingredients and instructions (in her own words)

Take a large side of salmon (approx 1.2kg for 4 people if you’re very very hungry!) and coat with it with approx. 100g sundried tomato paste (about half a jar),
Add a layer of soft goats cheese from a tub (2 if it’s big cut of fish). Coat with a mix of breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan (1/2 cm thick, double breadcrumbs to Parmesan)
Drizzle well with olive oil….


Cook at 180 degs for 25 mins (but this is very vague as the oven is very quirky) -> pay pal accepted for charitable donations to replace it!!
Serve with new potatoes, and salad……..

– Janine x


2 Responses to “Janine’s baked salmon…. with a goats cheese and sundried tomato crust”
  1. So many ways to prepare delicious fish. Thank you for the link.

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