City Chicks, en Vacances!

In the final stages of holiday packing and planning, it was the turn of the chickens yesterday to leave on their luxury summer vacation to the seaside!

The coop was packed up, the chickens huddled into a box, and off we headed to Lieve’s house in Assenede on the north coast of Belgium, where her 2 chickens were waiting to greet the city chicks en vacances from the big smoke.

Gabriella, Thila and Betsy soon made themselves at home, while Hubbie re-constructed their luxury caravan on site.

The new pecking order established (white mama is in charge on her territory), our two brown ones decided to make a break for the luscious lawn.  A little tweaking of the fence here and there restrained them for the afternoon, and the chicks settled into life in the countryside.


Bonnes Vacances!



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