Luxe Camping

This is one of the Dutch family traditions I don’t want to miss out on, our May weekend camping in Vianden, a location loved and reminisced over by many generations of the Dutch side of the family.

And as this is our second year (with learning experience gained in the first!) we headed out fully prepared with super deluxe (huge!) tent, raised fully sprung camp beds for the adults and super soft duvets, and our new camping light and BBQ kit (with a bag full of BBQ goodies from Jack O’Shea in Brussels!).  Ok, I forgot the plates and cups, but I did remember the night lights and the cutlery. (and the numerous bottles of wine, screw top of course!)

But heh, everyone else was fully prepared (and prepared for the Belgian and French arrivals ‘sans’ a lot!), so there were plenty of plates to go round.  We also redeemed ourselves by trailing around the supermarkets and garden centres of nearby Diekirch, and finding some super camping chairs which colour co-ordinated with the tent (I did say this was Luxe camping didn’t I?).

Our weekend consisted of conversation in 3 languages, lots of laughs, kids playing, good food and wine, and an excursion to do some walking (disproving the myth that I only shop on holiday!).  Ok I have to admit I did spend 2 hours texting my friend Jules on Ave Louise on the Saturday morning, but she was desperate for some fashion advice for a wedding in the States and needs must!

So I hope you enjoy a selection of our photos of the trip, only 2.5 hours from Brussels, (but nearly 5 hours on the way back).  Perfect for one of the many long weekends we have to endure here in Belgium during May!

The Party Tent!

Relaxing by the River Our

The Playground at the end of the Campsite

The walk! (Werschrummschluff)

The Cable car!

Dinner out on Saturday night

Boys washing up!

The drive home………


Op den Deich – Vianden Campsite – Chairlift.

Werschrummschluff – location where we walked Auberge de l’Our. – Saturday night dinner

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