A week without kids……..

For the first time ever, the school trips for both I&T were in the same week.  I dreamed of wine bar evenings, riveting conversation, cosy baths, and lie-ins.  And immediately celebrated a week free of the smell of chlorine!  I had even instructed Hubbie to cancel all travel, but gave in when I realised that his trip to Paris would give me an opportunity to enjoy a night ‘home alone’!

Inigo left early Sunday morning, off to relive the Renaissance in Florence (in french)!

complete with sunglasses and headphones, and a truck load of food.  Their journey was due to take 23 hours, with a bus journey to Munich and an overnight on the train to Florence.


Then there were three……… we returned to NL for another day cleaning the house, and were back Sunday evening to finalise the packing.  On Monday we all got up very early and Thila headed for her Roman history week in Trier.


Not quite as much food necessary on that trip as it’s only 3 hours away, but I still managed to get over enthusiastic and packed enough for the entire bus!



That left Hubbie and I alone for our 4 date nights   woo hoo! ……..

Date night 1 – was in all honesty pretty disastrous…… we realised that we had lost the ability to sit at home, relax and enjoy each others company.  We finally lifted our heads from behind our laptops around 11pm (after both working late) and agreed this was not the way forward!

Date night 2 – great fun….. headed out to Nea Genia. one of our favourite restaurants that serves fantastic tapas.  Fried calamari and tzatziki, and ‘to die for’ garlic prawns.  Yumminess on a plate, with a bottle or 2 of rose.  We talked, and talked and talked.  Note to all couples -> get out of the house – it works a treat!

Date night 3 – was my home alone night.  I resisted the urge to turn it into a Girls Night Out and managed to get out of the office and home by 6.30.  After a quick snack, I settled down to a technie night trying to get my latest gadget, apple tv to work.  Successful by 10pm, I watched the original ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ off my laptop on the big screen.  Cool! (but the 2am finish wasn’t such a good idea).

Date night 4 – a night out with Hubbie and the Verbeelens……. it was our last night and we threw ourselves into it!  First drinks at the Barsey hotel, followed by a walk around the Marolles (as one of our favourite old brasserie’s no longer existed!) until we discovered a new version on Rue Blaes ……..  we then headed down town and drank a few late night drinks at the Mannekin Pis, before grabbing a taxi home……..happy!


Although fun and fab to have time to ourselves, it was lovely to have both kids return safe, happy and very tired on Friday afternoon, laden with gifts for us both and lots of cuddles.

Here’s to the occasional escape from everyday life, and the appreciation that comes with it, when you return!




8 Responses to “A week without kids……..”
  1. lawrencekay says:

    Excellent pics
    It looks as though you had a good break from swimming etc


  2. I’m completely envious of your little break from the kiddies. My girls are still just 4 and 7, so I have a ways to go! I’ll drink to occasional escapes though!

  3. Love the picture of the feet! We have two grown up children living with us currently, a few months ago both announced they’d be away for a few days and OH & I were looking forward to having the house to ourselves. No sooner had the second child left when we got a call from our eldest, ‘I thought I’d come home for the weekend…’

  4. Steph says:

    We’re currently dismayed at the prospect of having all three kids at home with us until September for the holidays!! Much as we love them, you can have too much of a good thing! Plus they eat so much … Neither of the teens, well my son’s 20 but we’ll still call him a teen, managed to get summer jobs and aren’t that inclined to get down and dirty around the farm without severe prodding. But at least Rors is easily occupied with swimming and playing in his den. And we’ll really appreciate our ‘us’ time when we get it again mid September!

    • Just started a nine week career break to spend summer with mine, and after day 1 already wondering why I did that! However the excitement of Paris this morning, is cheering us all up!! keep in touch, and keep smiling and prodding!!

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