I would love to be able to ‘rant’ in another language……

Konninginnedag namiddag en avond …… vervolgd

Sometimes the expat ‘slightly disconnected’ life raises it’s ugly head in terms of having to face up to the nastier/niggly/just down right annoying side of life, in a second or even third language. I know, very very well, how to express my annoyance, legal rights and general ‘you’re a complete idiot’ feelings in plain english, and HATE it when I have to rely on my Hubbie (and increasingly growing son) to explain in dutch or french that the other guy is just misguided/mad or just plain wrong in their wierd and wonderful judgement.

I am currently battling, ie sitting on my temper, over the (now past thank God) tenants of the Dutch house. Issuing forth on my views just does not work on my Hubbie (a relatively quiet Dutch man who can only lose his temper within the family), and therefore I have to sit on the side lines and put up with the stupidity of the woman who was previously known as ‘the dutch tenant’.

How is it possible? I ask myself, for her to act like a total pre-Madonna and expect to leave a house in a ‘shit’ state, not look after my beloved garden, and knock holes in the house, and then be surprised over the fact that we are deducting money from the deposit. On top of this, she didn’t even have the decency to turn up on time to hand over the keys and face the facts. (sneaking in an hour later and leaving the keys and house unlocked and then sms’ing us) – crazy or what?

Anyhow, locks are changed, our new tenants / old friends are coming soon, and we can finally give back the TLC needed to our beloved house.

We started in the afternoon with the garden.  Here are some before, during and after photo’s!

The day ended on a high, with a chill out dutch hapje session in Oma and Opa’s garden, all woes forgotten…..


Eet smakelijk!


2 Responses to “I would love to be able to ‘rant’ in another language……”
  1. That looks like a busy day’s gardening! Great when the kids get involved too.
    I know what you mean about getting angry in a foreign language – it’s so frustrating when you don’t have the exact words. I confess I let the grammar and stuff go and rely on tone of voice to get my meaning across! Failing that a few English swear words help.
    Hope you don’t have to get angry too often.

    • I think sometimes writing on the blog, even when things are frustrating rather that happy, helps. And I am now so over it and focused on the good things going forwards. You’re right, I think the way to go is angry tone and a few choice and well known english swear words.

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