No more Blue Mondays…..

Well who would have thought a few days off up a mountain would result in one month of internet silence? Not me at the time, but looking back over this month, it was hardly a surprise.
January is probably the most difficult month of the year for me, as I’m sure it is for most people. The post Christmas blues (ate too much, spent too much) was followed by the first ever (in over 15 years) ‘had to go back to work’ feeling between Christmas and New Year as I had no holidays left.  However, it was quiet in the office, and I got loads done, but still had that nagging feeling that I should have been at home.  This was followed by a mad rush to the slopes for New Year, by which stage I was well out of puff (and hence was crap at skiing with aching feet and a toenail that is still threatening to fall off).  It was a lovely holiday with the West’s, but the exhaustion on all our faces was clear to see.
Back at work through January, I had some light relief in Madrid for a weekend with the Girls, but dragged my feet and my health through the most wet, grey, windy and depressing time that Brussels can throw at you. No wonder the 2nd Monday in January is dubbed blue Monday! We are also in the grips of Arctic weather currently with over 10 days of minus freezing temperatures, so it’s time to start thawing out and warming up.

So as the last Monday in January is dubbed ‘optimistic’ Monday, due to the fact that at last you receive your January pay check and can start thinking about booking your summer holidays, it’s about time to cheer up and get on with enjoying life again.

Including Life with Lizzi…………


starting with some happy January ski memories!



the kids learnt to snowboard

and really enjoyed it!

we all managed to ski too.....

enjoy our lunches

snuggle up

chill out!

cook meals...

spend time with good friends

and Party!!



2 Responses to “No more Blue Mondays…..”
  1. Karen Johnstone-Hobbs says:

    Love your blog!! So glad to see you are back at it 🙂


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