Day 365 – the end of the Year!

Saturday 31st December 2011.

Well I finally made it.  Made it to the ski resort in Avoriaz, (though not yet on the ski’s!) and managed 365 days of blogging……

It’s one of the very few EVER New Year’s resolutions I have ever made, and then achieved, it has been a pleasure (most of the time!) and also a huge learning curve for me.  Commitments should never be taken lightly, and a daily commitment that takes you away from family and friends in particular, is not always easy to achieve or really acceptable.  I admit there were days when I posted late, and had to play catch up, because life was just way to busy to sit down and type.  Which is why, for the love of the photograph and the written word I will continue in 2012, but will remain more cautious in my planning and go for a few updates here and there.

I also plan to switch off for a few days now I’m up a mountain, breathe in that cool calm fresh air, enjoy the snow, and seriously chill out.  I have my camera, my books, my magazines, some dvd’s, and most importantly my Family and some of my very good Friends.

So enjoy New Year’s Eve, wherever you are, and here’s to a well balanced and healthy 2012!!   Cheers!

13 Responses to “Day 365 – the end of the Year!”
  1. Flossie says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and it is good to read this as I will probably not try and do a post a day for 2012. This makes me feel like I can do it, as it really is my only new year resolution for this year!

    • Flossie says:

      Sorry, I meant that you have helped me to decide that I can do the challenge but not a daily one!!

      • If in doubt it’s best to go for one a week, and then feel good when you manage more than one! Enjoy whichever challenge you take, as at the end of the day it’s about having fun, learning something new, and improving your writing -> and I really enjoyed that part! take care and all the best for 2012!

  2. Melia says:

    Same to you and the family … great drawing, who’s the artist in the family ?

  3. Congrats!!!!!!! Thanks for linking to me! Do you have any advise? Also, how do you get the 365 icon on your blog?

    • Good luck! No idea for this year but last year there was a button available to link into postaday2011. Suggest you search it on as their help desk is usually very helpful.

  4. Orel Di Angelo says:

    Wow congratulations!! I’m admiring! I couldn’t do it. I’d last maximum a week if I was trying to do it myself! And wow you’re even motivated to continue the challenge?
    Happy New Year enjoy the snow.

  5. Diane says:

    Wow, fantastic achievement Liz, it’s been fun seeing some of what you’re doing from afar. Enjoy the slopes and bask in the glory of success for a bit (and have a drink for me!)

  6. Natalie says:

    Congratulations on reaching 365. Enjoy your few days break and happy new year. May your blogging long continue.

    • Thanks Nathalie, and here’s to your blogging too! One of my NY resolutions was to read more than I write, so looking forward to keeping up with yours! All the best for 2012….. Lizzi

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