Day 357 – Christmas Preparation

Friday 23rd December 2011.

A last minute whizz round the shops included a stop at Jack O’Shea’s to pick up the festive food for tomorrow night…….

pheasant hanging at Jack O'Shea's

what happened next?

the pheasant got the chop!

Well the kids got out of Jack O’Shea’s in one piece, but both swearing that if I ever bought a bird for the table at Christmas, they’d turn vegetarians!  Not sure where that leaves Bob the Turkey (as he has been named by Thila), so I continue to pretend he’s not really a bird.  Forgot to get some foie gras, and having just spotted Jack in a spot of bother at Selfridges over illegal selling today, I’d better get stocked up before the Bureaucrats of Brussels ban it here too!! (see article below).



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