Day 356 – Christmas nibbles with friends

Thursday 22nd December 2011.

Fabulous to have old friends round from the early school days of the kids, and to see Tim in particular making such a great recovery after such a horrific heart attack.  Guided by his soul mate Yvonne, life is gradually coming back to normal, and as Yvonne and I enjoyed our glasses of champagne, Tim and Thila compared recipes of fruit shakes and juices. We filled up with lots of UK goodies, from the trip last weekend, including stilton cheese, pork pie and the most wonderful Heston mince pies I could seriously die for (from Waitrose -> see Janine, the wait while I shopped was finally justified!).

OMG, I am seriously beginning to feel like I never left the UK (until we ended on the Pierre Marcolini chocolates and then I know life here is all worth while!! – bliss from Brussels!)…….



2 Responses to “Day 356 – Christmas nibbles with friends”
  1. Natalie says:

    Are they they Mince Pies that sold out about ten seconds after hitting the shelves? There is nothing like a good mince pie at Christmas!

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