Day 354 – Oh Christmas Tree….

Tuesday 20th December 2011.

Although I haven’t managed it myself this year (another year over and one to add to the New Years Resolutions!), I really admire those people who design a Christmas tree out of the ordinary, and out of all sorts of stuff!

Here are a few from friends, and some I found surfing the net……

turtlewings christmas tree

made out of strips of discarded paper and card.  Cheers Jules! @Turtlewings

via Christmas Tree Made of 32,000 Recycled Bottles | Bored Panda. that is a serious amount of 7Up bottles!! and space required……

for a more realistic and space saving version, go for a 2D version instead……..

via How To Make a Christmas Tree with Chalkboard Paint | Apartment Therapy New York.

but my favourite this year has to be from Marta a friend I met via Etsy NL earlier this year, using a product so close to my heart (the unloved wooden pallet)

via Trpana.

and for my Christmas tree special it’s cool to finish off with this sketch from Charlie Brown

Merry Christmas!

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