Day 347 – Wishing I was there…..

Tuesday 13th December 2011.

Hubbie is in France.  Doing the health check on our Beach House that we have willfully neglected for the last 4 months.  Driven by a combination of foreign holidays, bad weather, and exhaustion, we’ve missed the last 3 opportunities to pop down there as a family, and hence Hubbie volunteered to go this week to apply a bit of TLC (turn the heating on, and pick up some bits I’ve suddenly discovered I can’t live without!).

He drove yeaterday, after dropping the kids off for their early morning swim, and is due back tomorrow afternoon.  In between he’s battled with gale force winds, watched the satellite dish blow off the wall, the basement flood, and water flow in through the front windows (ie. it must be pretty bad).  But he’s still loving it, and sounds upbeat when we talk on the phone or skype.

It reminds me why we did it, and despite all the setbacks both environmentally and financially, why we continue to fight to keep it.  It leaves a big hole in my heart as to ‘why can I not be there to?’.   In Brussels as well. we’re also battling against the storms as they rage again tonight.  Yesterday the strong winds blew over and smashed an old window in our garden, and the chickens in their mud run look unbelievably sad.  And although I am not so disturbed in the depths of the basement as all rages around me, I awoke last night convinced I could hear the smashing of the waves against the sea wall in France.

I realise….. I miss it too.

rainbow of hope between the storms on les Sables Blancs

lunch today at L'Amiral


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