Day 346 – It’s all about pop ups! H&M are at the Christmas Market in Brussels…..


Pop ups are great fun as they give you the chance to explore outside the confines of a white fixed box in retail and adapt to your surroundings.  As they become more popular and mainstream however, they do run the risk of becoming the big corporates reducing themselves into small spaces just to be hip.  I’ve not seen the latest H&M pop up, now in Brussels at the Christmas Market on Place St Catharine, but looking a photo’s so far, it lacks the surprise wow element of their summer adventure at the dutch coast.

If anyone is there over the coming days -> please feel free to comment!

Special thanks to Lucie for her post and photo’s today (link below) and to Davide De Leo, my design guru and store trend-spotter who works on the other side of the corridor!  He is, as always, on top pf what’s going on, and keeps Lieve and I in the loop -> many thanks!


photo via Lucie Fashion Coach


photo via Lucie Fashion Coach


Pre-opening shots from Davide…….

setting up on sunday

H&M pop up

preparing to open




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