Day 345 – Inspiration from Christmas retail windows and decorations.

Sunday 11th December 2011.

Yesterday we managed to locate the Christmas tree (hidden in a box last year in the deepest darkest corner of the house!), today it was time to discover the hiding place of the Christmas decorations.  As we have a number of boxes, built up over the years, in different colours, from different houses, and originating from different countries, it’s always fun to play pot luck and opt for a mix of whatever you lay your hands on first. This time they were hidden in the garage, so it was a case of first located was what you get.  Currently there are 2 big packing boxes, and 3 small Flamant boxes (my most favourite shop for this type of stuff and I think the result of a stop in their outlet store 2 years ago) sitting in the corner of the dining room.  This is because I have changed priorities and moved onto Christmas card writing (with a very pressing deadline) and can’t quite get the enthusiasm together to start sorting and selecting.

So tonight, I am posting some Christmas windows from Istanbul to jolt me back into the creative spirit. I live in hope to show you the result later in the week!

I’m thinking big…… snowmen, light and sparkle!!

more impressive than a garland on your front door!

Beymen window in Nisantasi

loving the snow, animals and lights!

great snowman heads!

snowmen at Beymen

peep hole window decorations

snow inside and out!

love in lights

love in lights

hoop lighting at Banana Republic



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