Day 343 – A form of legalised torture……

Friday 9th December 2011

My morning started with one hand in a bowl of hot water while the other was being electrocuted.  It reminded me of an episode of 24, except it was being applied by two fresh-faced Doctors discussing the benefits of Tasmania or California for the winter break, in French.  Every once in a while they remembered I was in the room and smiled, and then electrocuted me again.  They smiled a lot while telling me that the last test was a continual set of 15 short shocks, and it wasn’t much fun.  Too right, it wasn’t!

Luckily all was ok, there are no problems with the carpal nerves in my hands, so I now have to wait patiently for the results of one other test.  It was also a positive afternoon at another hospital for Thila today.  After huge fears (as her foot was still very painful) that she might have a hairline fracture, she has been diagnosed with a flat foot!  Can you believe it, supposedly correction with insoles will solve the problem in the short term, but at the moment the jury is out on whether to firmly blame the UGGs and ban them……

In between all this, I worked from home today.  Joseph the cat did his best to keep me entertained chasing Nerf gun bullets all over the house, while the Chickens terrorised the garden, and turned up at my basement window on a regular basis to make me smile.  The coffee was unbeatable, and it gave me a chance to closely control our cleaner who last week misread my instructions and spent the whole time cleaning the hall to the appartments instead of dusting my place!

All in all, a diverse but strangely satisfying Friday……. have a great weekend!!


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