Day 342 – Abercrombie arrives in Brussels

Thursday 8th December 2011.

I was very concerned about the health of the Abercrombie boys this week.  They’ve been practising posing near Ave Louise and raising the blood pressure of many a middle-aged woman who has been driving past the almost open store (including me!).

Today was the big day, so Hubbie and Maxime (who was almost recruited as an Abercrombie boy a few months back, but finds life with Visual Instinct and his college more stimulating!), joined the queue with a lot of expectant students and overexcited housewives.

Of course, photo’s follow……

the queue

Belgian rain cannot dampen the spirits or expectations!

not so long to go.....

and Maxime is looking keen.....

the standard uniform....and accessory!

it's the middle of winter!!

are you really queuing just to look at me?

almost royalty?

the abs.....and the tummy peek, signature Abercrombie

varsity girl is obviously much harder to find in Belgium?

ok I admit, the chandelier is gorgeous!

and the artwork very apt!

I guess this is the Belgian version of the Abercrombie guy?

As I sat behind the warm environs of my desk today, I have to say I’m glad I wasn’t queuing on Toison D’Or.  Reading up on advertising campaigns for Christmas, I found the whole Tommy Hilfiger approach more exciting and clever.  Touching the whole spectrum of a country house ‘par-taying’ multi-aged and cultural family, I’m tempted to take the family ‘business’ elsewhere.  They also have great abs!!

What’s your vote?

2 Responses to “Day 342 – Abercrombie arrives in Brussels”
  1. Abercrombie still has the edge for me… And if you see inside the store there’s not much out there on the high street that can beat that experience…. for all senses

  2. on shopping experience – I agree, on boys – I think we need an update! Lizzi x

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