Day 341 -Istanbul, the morning after…….

Wednesday 7th December 2011.

Well last night was certainly a challenge! I was dropped back to the hotel around 8.30pm to discover my room was actually a Sauna. Heading towards (I refuse to accept I am in it!) that middle flush of life, this is a disaster for my internal heating system. I tried turning down the thermostat as the windows don’t open, while I skyped my parents, but the temperature just carried on rising. At 27 degrees, I make my first call to reception. Sorry Madame, our hotel can only run one system, heating or cooling, and it is winter. Right. The nice man suggested I turn the heating off, and see if it improves. Ok, but then I’m out of here for a while. Luckily I had not yet changed into the unsexy blogging bottoms and sweat, so headed to the sky bar at the top of the hotel. Where I could drink G&T, eat sea bass tempura (yum!) and Skype with my son before bed (which helps you stop feeling like a lonely old woman sitting in a bar! Sort of.). I could also blog and shop up there, so was in seventh heaven for a few hours.


my evening office with a view!


Then I returned to the room. The wall of heat overcame me as I entered, and I took one glance at the thermostat (29 degs) and inwardly screamed. Next call to reception. A very nice man, on hearing my plight, said yes they could move me if I didn’t mind (no, I am desperate!), to a room with an open window. I wasn’t quite expecting a suite on the 18th floor with a window that opened, but yeah, much happier, much more relaxed.  This morning I discovered a super hot tub in the bathroom, which brought back memories of the old days traveling with Hubbie in Portugal, when an upgrade meant I had a suite with bubbles and Belgian chocolates.  On that occasion after a very late and very G&T fuelled night out, I fell out of the jacuzzi in the early hours of the morning and sat on the chocolates, which resulted in a very unbecoming bruise! What memories and how times have changed…..


Druing the trip I have been to 3 C&A’s (I really was working!) 2 Starbucks and a Carrefour in a shopping centre.  So not quite the cultural extravaganza you would expect in Istanbul.  I also spent a lot of time recieiving a lot of SMS’s from my daughter, one of which included a request for Turkish delight and borek (which turns our to be a savoury pastry which comes with meat, chicken or cheese, hence the trip to Carrefour!).  Which Turkish friend of hers initiated that request I wondered, on returning home I discovered it was in fact her Dutch teacher!

With so much time in the car between stores in a city of 18 million people (with as many if not more cars!) I was glad to be on an early flight.   With 7 hills, mad roads, (and drivers) the heat wave (age related or otherwise) behind me, I am seriously looking forward to 7 degs in Brussels with high winds!
Unfortunately the Turks obviously love the heat, the plane is roasting hot, and my request for a G&T and a water, resulted in first off a tonic, and on the second attempt a gin with water -> ugh! I have probably now upset the entire cabin crew with my constant requests to change, but what is a girl to do with another two hours at 36000 feet and a raging thirst and swollen feet! I am sipping it very very slowly!!  and blogging of course……..



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