Day 340 – Istanbul

Tuesday 6th December 2011.

Another early start, and guess what, I am already awake before the alarm goes off, as my inner clock has adjusted to those 5am starts. Help!
Today I’m traveling to Istanbul, to do some store visits with the Turkish team. They are a ‘young’ country, keen and enthusiastic, though restrained by budgets (who isn’t!), and a welcome change to my very German routine in the last few weeks.
I am also looking forward to a night in tonight (what I hear you gasp!). Yes my travel schedule is adapted to take into account early nights and electronic catch up (this time on top of blogging, I have Christmas Internet shopping to action). Sad I know, instead of a late night out in an exotic land, but you have to grab these opportunities when they arrive, and save the partying until after Meltem, my colleague, has given birth. Both her and I will be in need of a good night out by that point!

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