Day 339 – celebrating St Nicholas in Brussels…..

Monday 5th December 2011.

Today is St Nicholas, confusing as always to me, a Brit leaving in a Flemish/french international environment with a Dutch husband, where not all celebrate it in the same way.
No forward planning had been done, unlike a lot of friends who organize it all at the weekend, when the day itself falls during the week. So at 5pm we found ourselves wondering what to do. Brainwave of the day came next (and as always we were luckily on the same wavelength!), and a quick stop at the BASE store enabled st Nicholas to arrive last night during tuck up time (the door was left open!) to deliver their most awesome gift yet……… A mobile phone!

Now if that doesn’t earn us huge kudos for the coming week, I give up! But unfortunately I know already it will result in some tense phone messages to me, on why I can never pick them up on time……. Uh oh!

studying the phone

lush was also a big hit!

An interesting American take on the Dutch tradition of St Nicholas…… it made me laugh!


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