Day 338 – More sleep on Sundays….

Sunday 4th December 2011.

It’s always a difficult decision, and one that can result in me snoozing for hours. Do I get up early on a Sunday and make the most of the day (and do the Sunday market -often, or bikram yoga- rarely!), or do I die under my duvet?

Today was a ‘die under the duvet’ sort of day. Due in most part to too many early mornings last week and a combination of champagne, white and red wine with cheese, that we consumed in large quantities last night.

Under no circumstances was I going to get up, or attempt to, until absolutely necessary, which happened around lunchtime, due to a hungry moaning household.

The afternoon was much more pleasant, and involved going into school to listen to the jazz lab band’s performance. We were so proud of Inigo and his clarinet solo, and he looked so serious in his white polo, black trousers, and serious C&A black shoes. How grown up he’s quietly becoming, with his size 40 shoes (he’s eying up my converse), his continual need to shower and groom (except the hair which retains an artistic scruffy look at all times), and his dedication to whatever he decides he is going to focus on.

Inigo about to play solo

As usual, the afternoon ended with a tear in my eyes, and a distinct lack of hankies……. When will I learn, and does it ever get any easier? ( and less embarrassing! For both mother and son….)


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