Day 334 – Nice Stuff.. on a normal day

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Nice stuff has happened today (it’s great focusing on the small acts of kindness rather than worrying about the bigger picture some times!).  Must be as a result of all our positive thinking and being nice to each other and others too!!

First off, Jojo has been looking so cuddly today, that’s it’s been hard to drag yourself away from rolling round on the floor with him, while scratching his tummy (which always makes you feel good!)  Marie, our tenant from 3rd floor brought us a bottle of Dominican rum tonight (our 1st Christmas present, how exciting), and I found the ‘best of brussels‘ blog which is so cool.  Jane is so into all the things I am, the butcher Jack O’Shea’s, the restaurant La Canne en Ville (to name a few).  I can’t wait for her next blogging meet up in January, a great chance to meet fellow bloggers from Brussels, woo hoo!!!!

On top, Hubbie has been super helpful, after the muffin cooking incident, he’s been asking how he can help…….

-> what have I done to deserve this!  ♥

Dominican Rum

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2 Responses to “Day 334 – Nice Stuff.. on a normal day”
  1. Thanks Lizzi! Glad that we can connect via our blogs and good stuff in Brussels 🙂

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