Day 333 – Tweener stores stateside, part 3

Tuesday 29th November 2011.

I saved my favourite review on the Tweener market til last.  We discovered shop within shop while in Times Square (a great location for hanging out and shopping with the tweens!).  Launched in the spring 2011, it’s part of American Eagle, which we’ve always shopped in for the slightly cheaper versions and more varsity look of Abercrombie.

The new 77Kids NYC Style Lab in Times Square sells New York City-exclusive product in an urban-inspired “newspaper stand”, along with a Become a Rock Star photo booth, automated denim production display and interactive touch screens where kids can DJ for the store and “try on” virtual outfits. It also carries little77, a line of clothing and accessories for newborns to babies up to 18 months- all very stylish clothing that clearly represents the store’s mantra: “long live fun”.

Wow, this hit the nail on the head and had the kids smiling from the minute they walked in!  There are enough fun elements to keep the kids happy while the parents can shop, clothes that are cool even by their standards, and gadgets and trinkets that would have had them emptying their wallets if they weren’t already a little on the light side by this point.

It’s a great store for VM inspiration, and for modeling a concept for Tweeners (and kids to be honest) in Europe.  Currently it is the only concept store, but 77kids is also selling via the Internet.  My money is backing this one!

This retail formula deserves to win in a tough and unpredictable market!


NYC Style Lab on Time Square

77kids NYC Style Lab

cool VM and related merchandise at upper display level

free gifts with token from the staff, a big hit!

interactive displays add excitement

the cash desk

Babywear tucked in a corner

great mix of hanging and laid tables in the wall

long live fun!

funky tweener merchandising

kid-size round tables and real wood slat walls

the remote control denim laundry

jeans walls, with high level t-shirt display

great images, spot on for tweeners!

the washing machines!

washing machine controls!

love the display, and the fashion point mannekins mixed with merchandise


Links to 77kids, and cool blogs that talk all things kids in NYC

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77Kids Opens NYC Style Lab.



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