Day 332 – Monday Morning Mantra in practice…..

Monday 28th November 2011.

Today started with a trip to the Hospital.  Not unexpectedly, luckily, but to check up on where my aches and pains seem to be coming from.  The appointment was via my Doctor, and at a hospital I had never visited before, St Luc in Woluwe St Pierre.  It was one of those positive experiences in Brussels, that remind you of why you put  up with some of the aggro.  Nice people who speak English (sorry but I cannot do ‘sick’ in French), are helpful and manage to run X-rays/blood tests and talk to you twice in the matter of 3 hours!  And then tell you it isn’t the worst case scenario, but something they can determine and manage/treat.  I like that.

More tests next week will confirm what to do next, and then I can relax.  Actually I think that’s one of the deep root causes.  I don’t see a lot of relaxation going on at the moment.

Which was why I was quite happy to drive over to Dusseldorf in the afternoon, work in the store on one of my projects, and then chill in a hotel room with a room service meal, in my newly named ‘bl’ogging pants (as Hubbie was amazed to see me pack jogging pants and a sweatshirt – until I finally admitted they were for comfort only, not sport!)

The biggest surprise (and still positive!) came later than evening when Hubbie checked in via email with a photo of the evening at home……..

apple and cinnamon muffins

life is truly looking up, he’s using my blog to cook for the kids while I’m away -> yippee!

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One Response to “Day 332 – Monday Morning Mantra in practice…..”
  1. May be we can whip up some pecan muffins tonight… couldn’t find the recipe on your blog but I guess skipping the apples and cinnamon and using pecan nuts instead will do the trick..:-)

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