Day 328 – Tweener stores stateside, part 2

Thursday 24th November.

Aeropostale was the second store we reviewed with Thila (our tweener!) while we were in NYC. Their girls range (Aeropostale p.s.) covers 4-14, but in reality it is more kids colourful stuff than pre-teen cool gear.  She was much happier shopping the main range, which is in fact targeted at 14 to 17 year olds (according to the website!).  It really needs to work on that look in the stores, as you do not immediately identify the brand as targeted at such a tight and young age range, and the products themselves remain too basic without the Wow! factor………


Aeropostale p.s.

full on signage

not convinced yet!

p.s. colourful and sporty

p.s. sharp prices

nice accessories, always catch the tweener eye!

fun display elements

after all, it is New York!

the main range, aimed at the varsity crowd

the main range, colour tee's of the rainbow

main range, images don't match the target group?


In summing up, it probably would have been a destination store for us a few years ago, when Thila loved Abercrombie but was still too small.  But once you fit into Hollister and A&F, they will always win out in terms of innovative colour ranges and great but simple graphics!


related websites

PS Girls Clothes – Shop Girls Clothes – P.S. from Aeropostale Kids Clothes.

P.S. from Aéropostale.  on Facebook

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