Day 324 – sunday morning market

Sunday 20th November 2011.

It’s Sunday morning, and a special treat, I get to go to the Market with Eliot, his Dad Pieter, and my camera …..

off to the market with Eliot

our favourite milk/yogurt and chicken stall

you need a lot of chickens in your garden, to produce this many eggs!

Eliot and Papa!

Our favourite Veg stall!

recipe for parsnip chervil

recipe for jerusalem artichoke

salsify - I want to try cooking this

the wild mushrooms look unbelievable

green cauliflower

more wild mushrooms

mmmm mushrooms

mont d'or, our favourite winter cheese

Pieter has loaded up the bike ready for us to cycle back

Smoked salmon and champagne

with a perfect finish, a meet up with Helen for a glass of champagne and some smoked salmon, while Pieter cycled my shopping home!  That’s what Sunday’s are all about!


Interesting recipes

For Vegans & Vegetarians! “Forgotten Vegetables 10: Cerfeuil tubereux/Parsnip Chervil « SHIZUOKA GOURMET.

sautéd jerusalem artichokes with garlic and bay leaves | Jamie Oliver Recipes (UK).

eat the seasons | jerusalem artichoke.

Mushroom Recipes | More Than 30 Mushroom Recipes.

Mushroom Recipes – Indian Mushroom Recipes – Easy Mushroom Recipe.


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