Day 316 – sort-a-day

Saturday 12th November 2011.

The cold continues with a hacking cough, blocked and stuffed up nose, and a general feeling of tiredness (or is the jet lag?). But having sensibly (but regrettably) cancelled the trip this long weekend to Brittany, I’m still sulking a little over a rose colored spectacles view that the weather (despite the awful forecast) might have been gorgeous and bracing beach walks would have sorted this all out.
Brussels has cold, but sunny weather, but I have decided that a long weekend with nothing in the agenda, except swim practice for the kids, means that we cannot waste it.
Hence, after the goodies introduced to the house after the trip to NYC, we need a de-cluttering exercise and ‘get rid’ session.
The ground floor session lasted all weekend (in-part due to the thoroughness, in-part due to the speed -> or lack of it!)
And the basement has had to wait……. and will probably have to wait a little longer!!




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