Day 312 – Nirvana on the 56th floor!

Tuesday 8th November 2011.

There are lots of memories of NYC I still want to post, as

1. I have a lot,

2. I have in total over 2500 photo’s to wade through, and

3. It means I don’t have to focus on this horrible cold! …….where is that toilet roll when you need it?

You seriously do not want to see photo’s of me at the moment.  OK may’be you never want to see photo’s of me, which is why I stay firmly behind the camera in most cases.  But I now have a son where suddenly, due to his snapping ability, I’m appearing on more than the average 2.5 shots per year!  Not good (not unless I lose a lot of weight, dye my hair again and have a face lift!  which is not happening on the current budget).  On top, a red bulbous nose, due not to excess alcohol, but excess sniffing, is not a pretty sight.

Therefore tonight I focus on the last evenings escape to Nirvana,  namely the roof on the 56th level…….. Yes, Richard and I managed to climb through the heating and the air co equipment, negotiate a few doors and breathe in the air……. and the spectacular view.

It definitely takes my mind off my cold, and my current lack of a view!


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