Day 311 – Jet Lag Hag

Monday 7th November 2011.

I am such a Jet Lag Hag……

55 floors up yesterday, at 35000ft overnight, back to earth with a bang, in the basement tonight!

Combined with the second cold from hell (one on the way out, repeated again half way across the Atlantic -> Jet Airways operate a sauna not an airline!), it’s a great way to hit Brussels again….

and straight into work, ugh!

I used to be able to do this.  But by lunchtime I was about to die behind my desk (after a meeting where I tried to sound Compos Mentis, as opposed to an imbecile in front of the design team on Menswear!), but had to give in to the greater god of Jet Lag.

Driving home was a test.  Nodding off was not an option at 60kms per hour.  At home, I kissed kids (asleep already for 4 hours) and Hubbie (suitably refreshed after snoozing pre-take-off til post landing!) and died in my bed.  Next thing I knew it was 7pm, and I needed a tissue box fast!

Don’t you just love to travel?  I so need a Time Capsule to be invented sometime very very soon…..


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