Day 309 – Brooklyn Flea…. across the Brooklyn Bridge!

Saturday 5th November 2011.

I have looked forward to this for years.  Each trip to NYC I’ve longed to cross the river and rummage at Brooklyn Flea.  But it’s never quite happened.  I once managed the Rose Bowl in LA on a design trip, as we (by co-incidence) were there on the second Sunday of the month, and fell in love with the large sprawling ‘everything goes’ atmosphere of an American Flea Market.  That time I carried home, a beach sign for France, an old coke bottle opener, and thousands of memories and cool photo’s and the promise that one day I’d return with a pick-up truck, and a shipping container!

As we were in NYC for 10 days this time, there were no excuses.  So as Saturday dawned bright and gorgeous, I dragged everyone from their beds, and headed south to the start of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Hubbie headed out to Connecticut with Richard, to check on the workmen, so it was Inigo, Thila and I, with the goal of finding the naffest gift for $5!

This was the day, through the lens of Lizzi, Inigo (on his newly purchased SLR) and Thila with her snapshots.  Great memories!


Manhattan -> the Brooklyn Bridge


wide awake and ready to roll!

some need a little encouragement!

we're off for a long walk into Brooklyn

leaving Manhattan

leaving Manhattan

the start of the bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

crossing the Bridge

the suspension

the lighting

looking towards the Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn bridge by Inigo

Brooklyn Bridge

bridge repairs

grafitti art locks


  Brooklyn Bridge -> Dumbo


photo by Inigo

photo by Inigo

Welcome to Brooklyn!

A Pop-Up exercise studio!

Warehouses in Dumbo

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Manhattan Bridge from the Park

Autumn leaves

Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge

A wedding in progress!

the boardwalk

on film

park life

by the beach

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline

great logo

an outside office

the boss!

robot views

more money....

to look at......

more Manhattan

the explorer


 Brooklyn Flea, Fort Greene


Welcome to Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea @Fort Greene

Brooklyn Flea @Fort Greene

Brooklyn Flea @Fort Greene

ready to bargain hard.....

Brooklyn Flea

♥ type key jewellery

the shopaholics!

♥ hand dyed wool

Brooklyn Flea

♥ crates!

♥ lettertype!

mumbo jumbo

great signage!

♥ old signage as placemats...

trying out the old typewriters

♥ typewriters!

thila's find

Mum's mad find of the day!

fun time!

looking for that bargain! (or was it food?)

to-die-for donuts!


any chance of a bite?


pizza moto

Inigo's pizza!

asia dog

Our dogs!

delish dogs!

street food

more dim sum nibbles!


the bike shop

Brooklyn Flea!

if only I had the space.....

recycled bags -> chair

and bottles become lights!

one for the recyling project at home!

even a cup cake stall....


Dumbo -> Manhattan, on the ferry


a typical Brooklyn terrace

the ferry back

fast boat home...

from the ferry

time to sit and relax

view from the ferry

hold on tight

or sit down low!

Natasha's school


buy american!

Long Island

back in Manhattan

@34th street

East River Ferry


what a wonderful day!



Further info on my 2 favourite Flea’s!

Brooklyn Flea.

Rose Bowl General Information.


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