Day 307 – Museums and Theatres

Thursday 3rd November 2011.

It had to be done at some point, there is only so much shopping and sightseeing and outdoor living that one can take without craving for something a little more high brow and arty!

I finally, as Hubbie disappeared for a business lunch, managed to get the kids into the MOMA.  OK there was the final bribe of the brilliant Moma shop at the end of it, but I won them over with the tech lab, followed by lunch in the cafe on the 1st floor.  You have to head there if in NYC, as the food and atmosphere is wonderful (and the way it is organised is innovative).

The MOMA cafe

The MOMA Discovery Lab

The Courtyard Art

Inside the MOMA

the last painting is by Inigo’s friend Gabriel’s Grandad – how cool! (Marcel Broodthaers)

It was great to see the kids so absorbed by the art, and to watch them just stand and stare.

That evening we headed out to the Lincoln Centre to watch War Horse.  An absolutely brilliant play based on the children’s book by Michael Morpurgo, it had us all glued to the edge of our seats (and kept Thila awake! a first on this trip as she never makes it past 9pm!) and me reaching for my tissues (ok, that’s normal!).  I would really recommend going to the production in either London or New York, before Steven Spielbergs film version is released.  The puppetry of the horses on stage is magnificent, and according to Inigo, the book is a really good read too.

It was made even more amazing when we realised we were sitting right next to the Head of IT at the kids school, Mr Leakey! Sometime’s it’s such a small world.

MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art.

War Horse, Lincoln Centre, New York, review – Telegraph.

Michael Morpurgo.

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