Day 303 – Sunny Snowy Sunday …..

with no power, but heh, who cares when you’re in a winter wonderland, in Connecticut…..




the kids relax……

Hubbie chops wood, otherwise no fire!

while I wander around enjoying the landscape….




and have time to chill and play with the camera up close….

Then it was time to get the car out of the snow and go exploring….

overhead cables cause a lot of problems, and the first of many roadblocks….




soon forgotten when you get to the beach

we cannot resist the urge to collect drift (but who knows how it will get back to Belgium!)





Lunch at the restaurant, Rowayton


outside on the deck





finished by some snowman building at the end of the day…..





North Stamford

Westport Beach

The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood – Home.



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